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Watch A Pair Of Mustangs Spin One After The Other With Smashy Consequences

Two Ford Mustangs left a car meet in Scottsdale at the weekend and... well, you can probably guess where this is going

Remind me later

On Saturday night, Scottsdale, Arizona was the scene of just about the most Mustang thing the Internet has ever seen. Not one but two Mustangs left a car meet in a typically Mustang way, attempting to pull off heroic drifts only to get it disastrously wrong.

The driver of the blue ‘Stang (we can just about tell it’s a sixth-gen car from the potato-spec footage) gets away with it, but the same can’t be said for the driver of the white example. The fifth-gen pony car damn near takes out the man filming the action before punching a hole in a wall like Eric Banner during a ‘Hulk Smash’-type moment.

As well as giving car meets and petrolheads in general a bad name, this kind of douchebaggery can have serious personal consequences for the perpetrators too. Only last month we saw a 19-year-old Dodge Charger driver slapped with the felony offence of ‘reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon’ after nearly hitting a crowd outside a cars and coffee meet in Nashville. Police had released footage of the young driver’s exploits in an effort to track him down.

As for the driver of the white Mustang, it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to evade the authorities at all, with the above aftermath footage showing emergency response vehicles gathering around the stricken car.

Via The Drive