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Transporter Full Of Factory-Fresh A90 Toyota Supras Involved In Crash

Three A90 Supras were damaged on a transporter in Hungary, and one of them is almost certainly a goner

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If you’ve ordered a Toyota Supra, you’d better hope it wasn’t one of the A90s on this transporter.

Details are thin on the ground, but the accident is thought to have happened in Hungary. The new Supra is built just over the border with Austria in Graz, alongside the related BMW Z4.

It looks as though the transporter was hit from behind by another lorry, given that there’s damage to both decks. The ‘Nocturnal Black’ Supra on the lower level bore the brunt of the impact - it’s almost certainly now scrap. It was pushed into a ‘Renaissance Red’ car, although it’s hard to tell how bad the damage is.

It's not supposed to point that way, is it...?
It's not supposed to point that way, is it...?

The body of the ‘Absolute Zero White’ A90 on the upper level looks mostly intact, but that rear bumper is a real mess. Look closely enough, and you’ll see the left-hand tailpipe is rather mangled.

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