Alex Hamilton 9 years ago

Top 10 Awesome Record Breaking Cars

Joining the hairiest teenager, shortest stuntman, Felix Baumgartner and an old fella that walked a mile with a pool cue on his chin are these awesome record breaking cars

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10. Largest parade of Ferraris

Lead by Felipe Massa, 964 Ferraris ranging from F40s to F12s (a combined total of 493,150bhp) completed a lap of Silverstone at a very steady 15mph almost two months ago. This was not, however, as big as the largest parade of Porsches, where 2325 cars gathered in Germany back in 2008.

9.  Most people squeezed into a Mini

Did you think you and three friends could only just squeeze into the latest Mini? Pah! 27 gym members and staff at a leisure club in Eastborne managed to slide in, breaking the record in December last year. Other cars that people have crammed into include a Jaguar XJ6 (42), VW Golf (30) and even a Renault Twingo (22).

8. Largest loop-the-loop

We previously reported this Chinese stunt driver who broke this record back in March with a Youngman Lotus L5. Since then, Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy drove their cars around two separate 66ft loop-the-loops, experiencing 7g in the process, all thanks to our childhood heroes at HotWheels.

7. Lowest ever car

Us Brits previously held the record thanks to the 'Flatmobile', but a few weeks ago we were beaten by the Mirai - an electric single seater that's just 42cm tall. It's so low that it needs anti-depressants! At least it can cheer itself up making a mockery of car park and toll barriers.

6. Smallest roadworthy car

Perry Watkins decided to take one of those Postman Pat coin cars for kids and gave it an engine, indicators and a tax disc. The 104cm tall, 66cm wide and 132cm long car is allowed on UK roads, despite limited visibility.

5. Longest car jump

Travis Pastrana made this rally-spec Subaru Impreza do the leap of faith in California in 2009. The jump was 269ft long and luckily the barrier at the end of the pier was strong enough to stop him falling into the sea. Just.

4. Most expensive car ever sold

Officially, the most expensive car ever sold at an auction was a £12 million Ferrari 250 GTO, which is now proudly owned by Chris Evans. However, the most expensive car ever sold is the Bugatti Type 57S Atlantic. Only four were ever made with just two left in existence. The price? It was sold for between £20-30 million.

3. Land speed record

The land speed record currently belongs to the Thrust SSC at 763mph. Its pilot, Andy Green, however, is soon hoping to break the 1000mph mark in Bloodhound SSC. We'll find out if he manages that some time between 2013 and 2014.

2. Most powerful production car

It's officially still the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, even though a Hennessey Venom GT (which is what Steven Tyler can be seen cruising around in) also produces around 1,200hp. Rumours suggest that Bugatti also has a SuperVeyron planned that could pump out 1600hp and reach 288mph!

1. Fastest mile in a street-legal car

The Veyron, Tuatara and Venom GT have nothing on this masterpiece. It's a Ford GT, but the supercharger attached to the 5.4-litre V8 has been chucked out for a twin-turbo system and and an upgraded intercooler as well as minor tweaks to the fuel pump and engine cooling. This all adds up to a mighty 1700hp! All those little changes meant Johnny Bohmer managed to get his 'BADD GT' up to a top speed of 283.232mph over a mile! Find any more record-breakers on four wheels or have you got one in the works? Let us know below!