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This Moto3 Racer Managed To Jump Over Another Bike And Land Perfectly

Moto3 rider Jakub Kornfeil looked like he was going to get caught up in someone else's accident, but instead managed to pull off this spectacular jump

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It’s a rare thing for the field of Moto3 riders to get through a weekend without something unusual happening, but this is something a bit special.

Jakub Kornfeil was running in a strong fifth in the race at Le Mans when the rider in front of him, Enea Bastianini, had a bit of a wobble as they were about the start the final lap. He was thrown off into the gravel and Kornfeil, being so close behind him and with nowhere to go, was surely going to go down as well.

Somehow, though, he hit Bastianini’s fallen bike in just the right way to launch into the air. That would have been spectacular enough but incredibly, as well as racking up a few air miles, he also managed to land it without losing too much time, eventually finishing sixth.

In true Moto3 style, it wasn’t long before there was something new to focus on as Fabio Di Giannantonio took his debut victory thanks to a stunning final couple of corners where he went from third to first.

Unfortunately, he was controversially given a post-race time penalty for a corner-cutting incident earlier in the race. That dropped him down to fourth and handed Albert Arenas his maiden win.