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This Lifted Mitsubishi Delica Camper Is Our Kind Of Mobile Home

The Mitsubishi Delica is kind of cool anyway, but when you lift it, give it switchable four-wheel drive and a cabin full of a home away from home, it’s super-cool

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Mitsubishi - This Lifted Mitsubishi Delica Camper Is Our Kind Of Mobile Home - News

The current mainstream SUV craze has had a weird side-effect: old-school MPVs, once the epitome of beige motoring, are in some cases getting cool again. In this case, our cool-ometer is off the chart.

A camper van conversion specialist in Scotland has revealed this, the Mitsubishi Delica-based D:5 Terrain. It’s based on the Japanese people-mover but is massively upgraded for maximum awesomeness.

It’s a product of Campers Scotland, Falkirk-based specialists in importing, converting and selling Japanese MPVs – and also Volkswagen Transporters, if you like. The D:5 Terrain comes decked out with chunky bodywork extensions for that rugged look and a reduced chance of accidentally losing paint. It looks to us like the bodywork is shared with the Australian Delica Bushmaster – another outdoorsy conversion.

Mitsubishi - This Lifted Mitsubishi Delica Camper Is Our Kind Of Mobile Home - News

The new Scottish effort is lifted, shod with the tyres of your choice and packs a switchable four-wheel drive system with locking differentials. It should be pretty much unstoppable when it comes to accessing your chosen remote getaway, even if those black alloys look delicate.

It will tow 2.5 tonnes of bikes, motorbikes, banger racing cars, canoes, animals or whatever else you’d like to move around the countryside. Inside it there’s a hob for cooking, solar panels on the roof to supplement the batteries and an elevating roof where a couple of people can sleep, usefully out of reach of the midnight advances of bears/wolves/angry badgers. What? It happens…

Campers Scotland likes to minimise energy usage wherever possible. The hob uses renewable energy, for example, even though the Delica underneath uses a petrol engine. Other campers in the company’s stable come with hybrid, or even ‘tribrid’ – petrol, electric and LPG – power.

The D:5 Terrain will make its debut at the Camping and Caravan Show at Glasgow’s SEC, starting on 7 February. Prices for this brilliantly converted Delica reportedly start at £27,995, which is about £10,000 less than the entry-level VW California. Just think of all the road trips you could take…