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This Is What The Fearsome Aston Martin Valkyrie Will Look Like

We've only got these poorly-filmed pictures to go on, but the Valkyrie looks like it's going to be stunning

Remind me later

We’re not sure how people are still managing to shoot footage vertically, and we’re even less sure why the video is set to Eminem’s shouty tones. But nonetheless, this is one of the first glimpses of a production-spec Aston Martin Valkyrie, thought to have been filmed at an exclusive customer event.

The footage shows some serious aerodynamic additions, which is to be expected given Red Bull aero wizard Adrian Newey’s penmanship contribution. The back end is defined by what isn’t there: it’s essentially just a massive air chute with some tail lights on the top.

Inside, once you’ve clambered over the impossibly wide carbon fibre sill, you’re treated to deep bucket seats and a sparse cockpit. The wheel is more like what you’d find on an F1 car rather than your everyday, run-of-the-mill hypercar, and features a screen in the middle. We reckon that the two screens either side of the cockpit are linked to rear-facing cameras - the Valkyrie doesn’t seem to be burdened with anything as cliche as wing mirrors.

Under the bonnet (wherever that will be) is a 6.5 litre V12 that won’t produce less than 1,000bhp. With the Valkyrie thought to weigh just 1,000kg, a race between this and a Koenigsegg Agera One:1 would be mighty interesting.