This Incredible 3.6sec, 338mph Dragster Run Is Record-Breaking

Brittany Force ran the fastest ever Top Fuel 1000-foot pass in Las Vegas at the weekend

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While the Rolls-Royce jet-powered Bloodhound LSR edged closer to 500mph at the weekend, the world of Top Fuel dragsters was busy reminding us that good-old-fashioned engines and driven wheel still have a lot to give. Case in point? Brittany Force ran an astounding 3.659-second 1000-foot pass at Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s drag strip, crossing the line at 338.17mph. Force already had the 1000-foot record for time, but now the 2018 champion can lay claim to the speed record too.

This Incredible 3.6sec, 338mph Dragster Run Is Record-Breaking - Motorsport

Force’s run pipped the 1000-foot record of 336.57mph set last year by Tony Schumacher. A thousand feet, in case you’re wondering, is just shy of a quarter-mile (1320 feet) - Top Fuel reduced the distance run by its 10,000bhp monsters a few years back due to safety reasons.

Force’s second win of the 2019 season has seen Steve Torrence’s championship lead nibbled away to only 16 points. This sets up an exciting showdown at the NHRA Finals in Ponoma, which take place from 14-17 November.