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This Guy Destroyed A Pontiac G5 By Ramming A Walmart Over And Over

In response to an apparent ownership dispute, this man was seen deliberately driving into bollards outside Walmart branch in Jackson, Mississippi

Remind me later

After being posted to Facebook on Sunday, the above video of a Pontiac being deliberately rammed into bollards quickly went viral. It’s already reached six million views at the time of writing, and it raises many, many questions. Fortunately, there are some answers.

According to the Clarion Ledger, this smashy escapade - which took place in the car park of a Walmart branch in Jackson, Mississippi - was done at the hands of 31-year-old Sedric Gardner. The publication quotes a Jackson Police Department spokesperson as saying that “there was some type of agreement over this particular vehicle between two parties, and they started to disagree about it.”

That said, it seems an agreement was sort of reached: the original owner of the Pontiac G5 wanted the car back, and Gardner decided to oblige. After smashing the car to bits.

What’s particularly bemusing is the police won’t be taking the case any further. Walmart isn’t pressing charges because the unfortunate Pontiac didn’t cause much damage to the bollards it hit, and although Gardner was taken into custody, the police didn’t charge him because the incident was “essentially a civil situation.” Right…

Source: Clarion Ledger via Jalopnik