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UPDATE: These Cops Allegedly Impounded A Lamborghini Huracan, Then Took It For A High-Speed Joyride

A London supercar hire company claims that the Metropolitan Police unlawfully impounded its Lamborghini Huracan, before taking it on a joyride at twice the speed limit!

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It was supposed to be a simple delivery for one of City Supercars’ drivers last night near Heathrow Airport, but matters became complicated when he was pulled over by the police. According to City Supercars’ MD, Erwyn Mackee, the car had just switched over to a new insurance policy, and was being driven in the six hours between when the old policy disappeared from the Motor Insurance Database (MID), and the new one was added.

The police officer soon had Mackee on the phone, and despite being sent over the insurance documents, the officer apparently still wasn’t happy. Talking to Car Throttle about the incident, Mackee said: “I emailed him the documents from the [insurance] broker, and he said ‘that’s not good enough, you could have photoshopped that’ so I said ‘how can I Photoshop five documents while on the phone to you?’”

Eventually, the officer explained that he would be seizing the car under the Road Traffic Act 1988. “I read the section [of the Road Traffic Act] I had open saying ‘you need reasonable evidence to believe it’s not insured, and I’ve given you overwhelming evidence to show that it is insured, and as a lawyer I can tell you it’s definitely covered’.

“He said ‘you’re not a lawyer. You just said you have a car hire company’ so I said ‘they’re not mutually exclusive! I can send over my law degree but I’m sure you’ll just say I photoshopped it…”

The delivery driver allegedly left the scene under threat of arrest, and the car was driven away by the police. Worse was yet to come, though, as Mackee explains: “I didn’t tell them I have a tracker on it because I wanted to see what they were going to do, and I could see they were going a slightly long route to get to the place [impound facility] and going at a ridiculous speed.”

The car’s tracker recorded three ‘speeding events’ one of which was 63mph in a 30mph zone, more than double the limit. Mackee said that he will be making a complaint “today or tomorrow”. The car was released this morning after proof of insurance was given in person, at which point a “government charge” of £50 was issued to City Supercars.

We reached out to the Metropolitan Police for comment on the matter, and are awaiting a response.

UPDATE: The Metropolitan Police has since sent us a statement regarding the incident, saying:

At around 01:00hrs on 2 June, officers on routine patrol in Bath Road near to Heathrow Airport pulled over the driver of a Lamborghini on suspicion of driving without insurance.

The car was taken to a pound near to Heathrow police station. It was driven there by an officer via the Northern Perimeter Road, which we are satisfied is a direct route.

Locally this matter will be looked into to establish the exact circumstances of what took place.

It was established that the vehicle did have adequate insurance, which had been arranged on 1 June, but the details had not been added to Motor Insurance Bureau records. The vehicle was returned to its owner at 08:30hrs on 2 June.