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The Lanzante McLaren P1 GTR-18 Is A Longtail, Gulf-Liveried Beauty

McLaren specialist Lanzante has made a Longtail-converted, road-legal P1 GTR with a gorgeous Gulf-inspired livery

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When Lanzante revealed a McLaren F1 GTR Longtail-inspired ‘P1 GT’ a couple of years ago, we were in awe. It was even finished in a similar deep green to the original road-going homologation car, but we naturally couldn’t help but wonder how it might look with a classic F1 GTR livery.

We no longer need to imagine, however, as Lanzante has splashed the classic Team Davidoff Gulf livery all over this new Longtail P1 ‘GTR-18’. Looks rather smashing, doesn’t it?

At the behest of a wealthy client, a company called O’Gara commissioned Lanzante to create the GTR-18, so-called to reference the ‘GTR-97’ designation of the F1 Longtails, and 2018, the year the project started.

Like the P1 GT and the earlier P1 LM, the GTR-18 has been converted for road use. The base car wasn’t a mollycoddled garage queen if that’s what worries you - P1 GTR chassis number 011 spent two years hammering around F1 circuit worldwide as part of McLaren‘s super exclusive track driving programme.

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When the programme finished, the GTR was ‘retired’ and stored for a spell, before the owner decided to do something new with it. Post-conversion, it has lengthened rear bodywork, a roof scoop, and a giant rear wing which contributes to a 40 per cent increase in downforce.

Livery aside, the bodywork is identical to the P1 GT’s, as is the powertrain. However, the cabin is a more luxurious, featuring leather trim and increased sound deadening. It still won’t be the quietest car to bimble around in, however, so it comes with a set of bespoke two-way headsets for driver and passenger to communicate. Handy.

Lanzante, if you didn’t know, is the outfit responsible for the McLaren F1 GTR sensational 1995 overall victory at Le Mans. The Hampshire-based company went on to road-convert numerous F1 GTRs, with its more recent P1 LM, GT and now the GTR-18 effectively serving as successors.

The GTR-18 isn’t a one-off, either. Eventually, there’ll be six examples, each paying homage to one of the original six GTR-97 liveries. Which one are you most looking forward to seeing?