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The 10 Best Comments On CT This Week

We read lots of crazy, hilarious and downright weird comments from you lot during the working week. Here are our top 10 community comments from this week's Car Throttle content

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10. Moron's Skull Vs Car Window Best comment comment 1

9. VTEC Tortoise

tortoise ricer Best comment comment 2

8. Fast and Furious Honda Love

f&f Best comment comment 3

7. How We Deal With Feelings

feelings meme Best comment comment 4

6. Mum Lets Rip In 900HP Evo

Best comment comment 5 View the full post.

5. Dumbass Corvette Hit & Run Driver

Best comment comment 6

4. How To Make Your Honda Faster

comment 8 Best Comment: comment 7

3. 50 Supercars Hit A Motorway

Best Comment: comment 9

2. Forget Sadness

s2000 Best Comment: comment 10

1. Dubai Rich Kid Drives Into Wall

Best Comment: Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 15.40.09