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Someone's Built A 1000bhp Drift Toyota Corolla And Put It In An Initial D Tribute Video

Papadakis Racing has put together an incredible car for the Rockstar D Formula Drift team, and its creation has been celebrated with an awesome Initial D homage

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Image via Papadakis Racing
Image via Papadakis Racing

The Toyota Corolla is not a particularly exciting car. The days of the quick T Sport versions are long gone, and along with the Avensis, it’s a side of Toyota us enthusiasts just aren’t interested in. But as you’ve probably gathered, this is no or ordinary Corolla.

Built by Papadakis Racing, it’s - unlike the standard Corolla - rear-wheel drive, and powered by a massively modified Toyota 2AR inline-four putting out an outrageous 1000bhp. It’s now displacing 2.7 litres, and is force fed by a huge twin-scroll Borg Warner turbocharger.

This Formula D entrant isn’t the first unconventional car Papadakis has put together: a few years ago it created an incredible 900bhp, V8-powered VW Passat for Tanner Foust. This latest creation will be piloted by Fredric Aasbø, making its debut at the Formula Drift Long Beach event this weekend.

As a rear-wheel drive Corolla, it seems the the Rockstar D team that’ll be fielding this monster couldn’t resist pointing out the AE86 connection. So, to coincide with the car’s arrival, an amazing Initial D homage video was put together, which you can see above.

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