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Someone's Building A Tesla Model S 'Shooting Brake' Wagon

A Model S P90D is undergoing a radical transformation at a coachbuilders in Norfolk, all because of a dog...

Remind me later

Model S owner Phil Hayton has a problem: his P90D just isn’t practical enough for transporting his dog. The solution? Hacking the car to bits and making it into a ‘shooting brake’ estate, obviously.

Except ‘hacking the car to bits’ is a little disingenuous: what Hayton has actually done is gone to Norfolk-based coachbuilders Qwest, where his Tesla will undergo a loving transformation into what will surely be the ultimate electric car.

It’ll have more boot space than the standard car, potentially be superior in the aero department, and there shouldn’t be much of a weight penalty.

Tesla - Someone's Building A Tesla Model S 'Shooting Brake' Wagon - News

Jonny Smith of Fifth Gear fame went to meet the people behind the project (and even make the first cut on the P90D), where he found out what you’ve all been wondering: yes, there is scope for more than one to be made. Qwest now has the moulds it needs to make multiple panels for multiple Tesla wagons. Any Model S owners out there tempted?

As for Hayton’s car, we should be seeing the finished product in about three weeks. We can’t wait.