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Official: Alfa Romeo Has The Best Car Logo In History

Over 5000 of you voted for your favourite car logo in history. Congratulations to Alfa Romeo on the win!

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Logo Infographic It's official: Alfa Romeo has the best car logo in the history of car logos. How do we know this? Because you told us so. When we asked you the question - What Is The Best Car Logo In History? - last week, you voted for your favourite logo in your thousands. Unsurprisingly, Porsche and Lamborghini quickly took the lead, but it was Alfa Romeo that topped our poll after one week of voting. alfa logo Of the most popular 26 logos (chosen by you on our Car Memes Facebook page), the top three manufacturer logos - Alfa, Porsche and Lambo - received 762, 640 and 528 votes respectively out of the total 5764 votes.
Your top 10 car logos out of 26 manufacturers Your top 10 car logos out of 26 manufacturers
Despite being voted the brand with the highest amount of jerks behind the wheel recently, BMW came in at a respectable fourth place with 465 votes. Picture 16 The Ferrari logo scored well, too, bagging 443 votes (eight per cent), while Land Rover did well to secure 202 votes and four per cent of your votes. Picture 17 Towards the bottom of the list with one per cent of the votes were Datsun, Lotus, Peugeot, Alpina, Gumpert, Skoda and Spyker. Picture 18 As for your least favourite car logo on this list, that crown belongs to Eagle. Despite Eagle making one of the best looking cars of all time, its logo just doesn't do it for us. Any of the results come as a surprise? Give us your thoughts below.