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Mazda Is Going To Start Its Own First-Gen MX-5 Restoration Service

Have an NA MX-5 that needs some love? Mazda is launching its own restoration service, but only in Japan

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Mazda - Mazda Is Going To Start Its Own First-Gen MX-5 Restoration Service - News

As CT’s video bloke Alex Kersten will tell you, first-generation Mazda MX-5s have gotten to the point where they’re not the easiest things to keep on the road. They’re now rather old and prone to rotting particularly seriously, and after several decades battling the elements, the fabric roofs of gen-one Miatas are often left with all the water resistance of a sieve.

Happily, in response to feedback from NA owners who want to keep their pint-sized roadsters going forever, Mazda has decided to launch its very own restoration service. The catch? At the moment it’s only available in Japan.

Image via Mazda
Image via Mazda

The company will be accepting cars into the new programme this year, with restoration kicking off next year. 2018 will also see the company start to produce “reprinted” parts, including the original-spec Bridgestone SF325 tyres, replacement roofs, and Nardi wooden steering wheels plus shift knobs. It won’t stop there, either: Mazda intends to work with owners to decide on further reproduction parts.

All this is jolly good news for the estimated 23,000 remaining NA MX-5s left in Japan. Let’s just hope the service spreads to other countries…