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Koenigsegg Beat Its Own 0-400-0 Record By 2sec Using A Regera

The Koenigsegg Regera has beaten the time set by the Agera RS in Nevada two years ago by a big margin

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The Koenigsegg Regera has just bagged the world record for the fastest-ever 0-400-0km run, beating, well… another Koenigsegg, actually.

For the last attempt, we need to rewind to 2017. Not content with Niklas Lilja’s thrilling 284mph Agera RS charge on a closed road in Nevada, Koenigsegg also clocked four other records with the car including 0-249-0mph/0-400-0kmh. Again, this was an improvement on its own record - the 33.29sec run lopping three seconds off the Swedish hypercar firm’s PB. This latest effort, using the Regera, saw the record tumble by (nearly) a further two seconds to 31.49sec.

Let’s compare this to, say, making a cup of tea. By the time you’ve got the bag in the cup and topped it up with boiling water, a Regera could have hit 249mph from rest and braked back to a standstill. Astonishing.

Koenigsegg - Koenigsegg Beat Its Own 0-400-0 Record By 2sec Using A Regera - News

The record-breaking feat was completed at Sweden’s Råda Air Base, with Koenigsegg factory test driver Sonny Persson behind the wheel. The 1478bhp, single-speed hypercar took 22.87sec to hit its RPM-limited top speed, and 8.62sec to brake to a standstill. All of this took place in 2048.46 metres, although Koenigsegg reckons there’s room for improvement. “In better conditions a total length of under an unbelievable 2000m should be fully achievable with the Regera,” it said.

Christian von Koenigsegg, as we know, does have a bit of a thing for breaking records. So, when asked about top speed in the video at the top of the page, he said: “that’s for another car - we have faster top speed cars of course”. At this point, Persson asks Koenigsegg to hold his beer and walks off.

Will Koenigsegg have a go at beating the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport’s 304mph Vmax? Perhaps with the Jesko? Watch this space…