Karter Hurls Bodywork At Competitor On Live Track, Then Starts Parc Ferme Brawl

Luca Corberi has sparked outrage by throwing a piece of his kart at a rival still in the race, then starting a fight

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The FIA-CIK Karting World Championship final in Lonato, Italy has gained media attention worldwide for all the wrong reasons. It all started with a collision between Paolo Ippolito and Luca Corberi - this forced the latter into the barriers, which the 23-year-old clearly didn’t take kindly to.

The Italian driver walked up to the edge of the still-live race track and hurled the nose cone of the stricken kart at his fellow countryman. Thankfully, it seems this reckless act didn’t injure anyone.

What’s interesting is earlier footage of Corberi recovering its kart shows that the front fairing was still attached. Either it came off while the vehicle was being retrieved, or the part was ripped off especially for Corberi’s ill-advised act of revenge. Following the incident, the karter was seen wandering around the infield, ignoring the directions of the track’s marshals.

He wasn’t finished there, either - another video has emerged showing Corberi attacking Ippolito in parc ferme, with the man in the black hoodie charging into the brawl said to be Luca’s father. It’s worth pointing out that the Corberi family owns South Garda Karting, which manages Lonato circuit.

According to the FIA-CIK’s race results document, Corberi was disqualified for his actions, as was Ippolito for causing the crash which sparked this unfortunate series of events. It’s unclear if there’ll be further sanctions for Corberi - that document aside, the FIA-CIK hasn’t commented on the situation.

Prominent figures from across the motorsport world - including 2009 F1 champion Jenson Button - have called for a lifetime ban from karting for Corberi and his father.