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‘Hybrid V6 Ferrari Supercar’ Test Mule Spotted In Traffic

Sporting ‘Bosch Test Vehicle’ stickers and allegedly packing a V6 instead of the regulation V8, the rumour is that this 488-based test car is trialling a new hybrid drivetrain…

Remind me later

A car that’s claimed to be an upcoming hybrid Ferrari supercar has been spotted testing on public roads.

YouTuber DrGumoLunatic saw the heavily wrapped 488 body in Stuttgart, which, combined with the ‘Bosch Test Vehicle’ stickers, leads us to believe that it’s there for electrical systems testing. Bosch makes everything from traction control to infotainment screens, so it’s impossible to know exactly what is being tested here, but the claim is that the test car sounded like a V6.

It’s a tenuous link and one we take with a pinch of salt. Ferrari has confirmed that a V8 hybrid supercar is on the way later this year, complete with even more power than the 488 Pista (because, obviously, 711bhp is too little). It’s possible that this test mule is hiding the new car’s body and running gear and that the photographer simply misheard the engine sound.

Ferrari is aiming for a sales mix biased about 60 per cent towards hybrids, as soon as 2022. By that time it says it will have introduced 15 new models – or variants thereof – and electrified versions are high on the priorities list. Whether this new ‘Dino’ is among them, we’ll have to wait and see.