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Hurricane Sandy: Top 10 Ultimate Vehicles You Need For Survival

America is about to get battered by strong winds and torrential rain. We explore the vehicles, which could be crucial to US survival...

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Some time around midnight tonight, while you're tucked up in bed, the biggest storm for a generation will hit the American east coast. It could be the end of the world as we know it. We've already shown you how to survive the zombie apocalypse, so without any hyperbole of course, we look at the ultimate survival vehicles for those caught in the storm's path.

Bugatti Veyron

Okay, hear us out. Sure, there are more practical ways to ride out the storm, but one of the keys to survival on crumbled tarmac is 4x4; and this is where the Veyron comes in. As you pillage your way through the day after tomorrow your capable wheels will literally outrun anything on the road, making angry groups of survivors a mere inconvenience.

BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

I know it’s heretical to talk bikes on Car Throttle, but I’m sure we can all accept there are some epic motorised bicycles out there. The ultimate adventure bike is this offer from BMW. The latest in a long line of adventure bikes, its proven track record includes taking Ewan McGregor the long way round the planet. Advantages include the fact that it's not only easy on fuel - an even more valuable commodity in your new world than it is today - but it's quick and nimble should you find yourself in need of a getaway sharpish.


Big, brash and shit to drive, the Hummer is America’s attitude to everything bundled into a car. Nothing screams "I’m in charge" like the squared off face at the forefront of America’s military regime for the past few decades. It's been pounding enemies throughout modern history, and it's now time for it to take centre stage in your new lawless nation.

Mercedes Unimog

If its good enough for Arnie, it’s good enough for you and your motley crew. The ‘Mog is hardly short in the survival portfolio department as it regularly destroys the landscape in the Dakar rally. Our very own Alex even gives it his personal seal of approval, and if you could ride the wastelands looking as smooth as he does...extra post-apocalyptic-clunge.

Chevrolet Suburban

The Sport Utility Vehicle is huge in more ways than one. And as you find yourself picking your way through each desolate town, you’re going to want something to bung all your stuff in. The Chevy Suburban is a big f**k-off truck that could transport you and your chums about in comfort, with enough space to live in, too. And should any bad guys see you coming, they’ll think twice about attacking as your Yank tank trundles by.

Subaru Impreza

Subaru’s ultimate iconic rally vehicle is also the perfect post-apocalypse vehicle. First is the fact it’s relatively practical; easily carrying you and a few of your fellow survivors plus baggage. Apart from this you also have the added bonus of proven off road ability for when the infrastructure disintegrates around you. Like Doc Brown says, “where we’re going, we won’t have roads.” Or something like that. Anyway, no matter the weather or the terrain your Scooby will always be on your side.

Ford Raptor

The first of two pickups on this list, the Raptor's here as it is, in Ford’s own words, a brute. The F-150 is an incredibly popular, iconic pickup truck out in the States. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking Hurricane Sandy or a sandy desert, Ford’s monster will take it all in its stride. The Raptor is it's ultimate incarnation, having been tickled by the boys in the Special Vehicle Team to produce 411bhp from its 6.2-litre V8.

Toyota Hilux

The boys at Top Gear proved why this, our second pickup, makes it onto the list: it’s indestructible. Should you find yourself closing in on the eye of the storm with trees falling, debris circling and buildings crumbling around you, the Hilux will see you through. And if you're without an engineer in your gang, reliability becomes all the more important. And you could even mount a machine gun on the bed. Just sayin’.

Subaru Impreza TRAX STI

Ken Block is a hero, and we hate to imagine a world without him. But should you ride out the storm to be faced with a new ice age, Ken’s got a plan. Fitting caterpillar tracks to his Scooby, which we’ve already noted is fine in its original form, makes this the ultimate snow conquering vehicle. You would need a couple of mates with a very unique skillset, but this would be an awesome way to ride.

Land Rover Defender

You can’t have a list of survival vehicles without a Land Rover, and the Defender is the ultimate off roader in any of its iterations. A kind of antithesis to the Veyron, the Defender has no frills, just epic scenery-munching abilities. Find one, hotwire it: survive.