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Here's Your First Look At Gymkhana Ten

A teaser trailer for the latest Gymkhana video is now here, and it looks like Kenneth from the Block has stepped things up a notch...

Remind me later

Wondered how Ken Block might up the ante after Climbkhana? Here’s your answer. Gymhkhana Ten will feature five cars over five locations, and - of course - a load of tyre smoke.

All five vehicles are Fords (because sponsorship), and described as ‘racecars’. Two are said to be “all-new for Block,” and there’s a third one being built from scratch that’s set to be just as bonkers as the 1400bhp, all-wheel drive ‘Hoonicorn’.

Want to see how the series is put together? You’ll be able to get a behind-the-scenes look via an Amazon Original series called ‘Gymkhana Files’, which will also delve into Block’s life and career. As we saw from the recent Climbkhana making-of documentary, putting together these things isn’t exactly a walk in the park, so the series should make for interesting viewing.

We can’t wait…