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Here's What Toyota Is Doing To Fix The Hilux After Its Moose Test Failure

Following a shocking performance in a moose test by Swedish publication Teknikens Värld, Toyota is taking several steps to make the Hilux pickup safer

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Last October, the latest Toyota Hilux entered the moose test hall of infamy. During a test undertaken by Teknikens Värld, the latest Hilux went up on two wheels and almost flipped over during the sudden but relatively low speed (37mph) change of direction, drawing uncomfortable parallels with a similar moose test failure from the previous generation Toyota pickup in 2007.

Toyota took the performance very seriously, and met with Teknikens Värld as part of its investigations. The Swedish publication has now revealed exactly what Toyota will be doing to rectify the issue. It has two planned changes: the tyre pressure for maximum load will be increased, and the electronic stability control will be given a “new working pattern” to further bring down speeds during evasive maneuvering.

Teknikens Värld will be testing out a modified Hilux at Barcelona’s IDIADA test facility this month, and has pledged to test one of the revised vehicles in Sweden as soon as it can. We look forward to seeing the results…