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Growing Alcantara Demand Is Outstripping Supply

Milan-based firm Alcantara is having to turn away business, as it simply can't keep up with the growing popularity of its signature material

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Growing Alcantara Demand Is Outstripping Supply - News

Nothing says sporty quite like Alcantara. It seems any fast car worth its salt these days simply must have the material at the very least on the options menu somewhere, but increasing demand from the motoring industry and elsewhere means the company that makes the stuff - Alcantara S.p.A - can’t keep up.

Motor Trend reports that the Italian firm is aiming to double production output over the next five years to accommodate growing hunger for the material, which is made from polyurethane and polyester. Chairman and CEO Andrea Boragno said that Alcantara is currently able to produce eight million metres of the stuff a year, which isn’t enough.

Growing Alcantara Demand Is Outstripping Supply - News

Borango noted that 20 per cent of new business has to be turned down. In 2015 Alcantara demand surged by over a third, while the company’s sales have tripled from 2009 to 2017.

The main bulk of Alcantara’s business is still automotive, which makes up 80 per cent of sales. Europe is the biggest market for the material, taking a 60 per cent share of orders. It seems we’re suckers for those grippy, suede-like steering wheels on this continent…

Source: Motor Trend