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Dublin Joyriders Hold Destruction Derby ‘To Celebrate Dead Friend’

Using stolen cars, a gang of thugs took to a housing estate to smash into each other - and parked cars - in order to 'honour' their recently deceased leader

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A gang of criminals has been filmed using stolen cars to recreate what seems to be a race from the classic video game Destruction Derby – but on a housing estate in Dublin.

This insane stint of joyriding was captured by a resident of the northern Dublin area as members of a local gang used their road to smash into one another – and parked cars as well.

Dublin Joyriders Hold Destruction Derby ‘To Celebrate Dead Friend’ - News

The disgusting, barely believable behaviour could have killed someone, but was actually carried out as some kind of twisted tribute to gang leader Shane Fowler, who was killed recently in a motorcycle accident – while armed with a loaded gun. For our American readers, that’s quite illegal in Ireland.

The cars, already smashed up badly during this footage, were later found burned out elsewhere on the estate. A police investigation has been launched.