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Crowd Dispenses Smashy Vigilante Justice On Hit And Run Driver's Car

Dramatic footage shows the moment a crowd tried to stop Infiniti driver escaping an accident scene, with one bystander seen attacking the car with a hammer...

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If you’ve messed up and crashed your car, at least stick around to face the music. For whatever reason though, the driver of this Infiniti QX70 decided to flee the scene after being involved in an accident with multiple cars at Biscayne Boulevard in Miami on Sunday.

However, a crowd quickly formed when the driver attempted to drive away. They were filmed banging on the Infiniti’s windows and shouting at the man - later identified as Matthew Lagutenko. Another car temporarily blocked his exit, at which point someone got out of a passing van and started attacking the SUV with a hammer. It looks like he was trying to get into the vehicle, although at one point the bystander smashed the rear windscreen for good measure.

Lagutenko was eventually able to escape, but was later arrested and charged with reckless driving, leaving an accident scene and evading police. He’d apparently caused the accident by crossing the median on Biscayne Boulevard, crashing into several oncoming cars as a consequence. CBS Miami reports that according to the local police, he seemed to be high on drugs at the time of his arrest.

One bystander attacked the fleeing Infiniti with a hammer
One bystander attacked the fleeing Infiniti with a hammer

Speaking about the incident, Commander Freddie Cruz of the Miami Police said that he could “understand the frustration” of the crowd, but warned against replicating their actions. “You do not know if this individual was armed…If he did have a weapon, he would have got out of the car and started shooting people up,” he said.

Source: CBS Miami