Andrew Evans 10 years ago

Crazy George Michael Jumped Out Of A Moving Range Rover Last Week

Yet another bizarre crash involving Britain's best-loved lavatory-dwelling Christmas novelty

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Too funky for seatbelts - Daily Mirror/Barcroft Too funky for seatbelts - Daily Mirror/Barcroft
It seems George Michael hasn't been in the news quite as much as he'd like recently - and keen not to let the sun go down on his fame, he's got himself into yet another strange accident. "Strange" of course being a relative term for George Michael's driving career. A string of slightly undramatic arrests for driving under the influence of drugs - admitting to smoking 25 joints a day at one point - has been punctuated with his Range Rover variously ending up stopped in the middle of a junction, stuffed into the back of a lorry and, famously, remodelling the side of a branch of Snappy Snaps. ct_george_michael_wham With his licence status in constant flux and spending some time in prison, he's apparently giving the roads one more try - but this time he's managed the most serious accident yet while not even driving. Last week George apparently determined that the door of the Range Rover he was a passenger in wasn't closed properly, thought he'd have a crack at shutting it. While on the M1 motorway. During rush hour. The circumstances of what followed haven't been explained yet, but this seemingly innocent act lead to George falling out of the car and onto the carriageway. ct_highways_george_michael Amazingly, the pop star's bid for freedom wasn't fatal and he wasn't struck by any other cars - though the motorway was closed and the air ambulance ferried him to hospital with head injuries. After a short stay to heal the pain, he was later discharged without any serious health issues.