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Battery Fires Force Massive Honda Accord Recall

A design flaw in the battery sensors of over two million Honda Accords could increase the risk of a fire in the engine bay, a recall notice states

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Honda - Battery Fires Force Massive Honda Accord Recall - News

It seems as though just about every automaker on the planet has been visited by the Recall Fairy lately. Whether it be for exploding airbags or sudden engine failures, it seems as though we’ve gone a little numb to recall notices lately.

Yesterday, another one was issued across the globe. This time it’s Honda in the spotlight. The Japanese car maker issued a worldwide recall of over 2 million Accord models due to an issue with the vehicle’s battery sensors. According to company spokesman Chris Martin, the battery sensors may not be sufficiently sealed from moisture. This can result in corrosion and short-circuiting, particularly in regions that use lots of road salt in the winter, which can trigger a fire in the engine bay.

Honda - Battery Fires Force Massive Honda Accord Recall - News

The recall affects Accords from the 2013-2016 model years. Of the 2.1 million vehicles being recalled, approximately 1.2 million were sold in North America. The sensors were replaced with an improved design for the 2017 model. To date, four separate engine fire incidents have been attributed to the faulty 12-volt battery sensors. No injuries have been reported, but nearly 4,000 warranty claims have been attributed to the defective sensors.

Dealers will temporarily address the sensor leaks by applying a moisture-impermeable adhesive, although Honda will ultimately replace the sensors of affected vehicles free of charge.