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Are You The World's Smartest Petrolhead? Take The Quiz And Win $1,000!

Attention engineers, track junkies, mechanics and amateur tinkerers: we're giving away $1,000!

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Note: Round 1 of the competition is now over. Thank you for all your quiz entries and please check your email to see if you’ve been selected to take part in Round 2! Any new entries will not be considered.

Calling all gearheads: it’s time to put your knowledge to the test! Car Throttle is proud to announce the launch of ‘The World’s Smartest Petrolhead‘; a two-part competition with a $1,000 prize for any petrolhead around the world who can wow us with their awesome in-depth automotive knowledge.

Round One is this tricky 20-question quiz that will stretch your knowledge right from the start. Be warned: not all the questions can be solved with a search engine, and cheaters will be filtered out. Acing the quiz will require real engineering savvy and more than a little practical experience under the bonnet.

Round One starts immediately and will be open until midnight on 14th August 2017. The highest-scoring participants will then be asked to send us a video presenting a car-related concept to camera, ideally teaching us something we don’t know. Only the best will have a chance at taking the prize. Do you think you’re up to the job?


This competition is open to all participants worldwide, excluding Car Throttle staff and associates.

Only the highest-scoring competitors from Round One will be asked to compete in Round Two. As a result, only entrants who submit their valid email address at the end of the quiz will be eligible to advance to Round Two.

A 100 per cent score will not necessarily be required to advance to Round Two, so don’t lose heart if you don’t ace the quiz.

You can only compete in Round Two if requested to do so by Car Throttle. Car Throttle reserves the exclusive right to select any Round One participant it wishes to partake in Round Two.

Round One will be open for two weeks from the competition’s launch. Round Two will last a further two weeks (until midnight of 28th August 2017). Videos received after this date will not be entered or considered for the $1,000 prize.

The overall winner will be the entrant who sends us the best educational/instructional video. The quality of each submission will be judged on the complexity and interest of its subject matter, the depth of understanding shown and how well the information is conveyed. Car Throttle reserves the exclusive right to select any Round Two participant as the final competition winner.

Videos must be a maximum of five minutes long. Longer videos will not be considered for the $1,000 prize. Instructions on how to submit videos will be provided to Round Two participants.

The prize is 1,000 US dollars. The actual amount awarded may vary slightly with exchange rates and transfer fees.

The winner will be announced on the 8th of September.

May the odds be in your favour. Good luck!

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