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Alpine Just Revealed Two New Versions Of The A110

First announced at the car's launch last year, the Pure and Légende variants of the A110 will make their public debut at the Geneva Motor Show

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Alpine - Alpine Just Revealed Two New Versions Of The A110 - News

If you’ve seen an Alpine A110 on the Internet or IRL up until now, it’s likely been one of the Premiere Edition cars. Now though, Renault’s reborn sports car brand has revealed the two ‘regular’ models buyers will be able to choose from: the Pure, and the Légende.

The Pure (above left) is the stripped-back, “minimalist” one, which hits the headline-grabbing 1080kg weight figure Alpine has talked about before. “It is destined to live its life on winding mountain roads and retains the Premiere Edition’s minimalist yet high-quality approach,” Alpine says. Lovely.

The Légende meanwhile is a little heavier, thanks to the fitting of six-way electrically adjustable seats made by Sabelt, plus a full leather interior. You’ll also find a festooning of carbonfibre trim in the cabin, which the Pure lacks.

Alpine - Alpine Just Revealed Two New Versions Of The A110 - News

It’s those seats which may well be the key when it comes to turning the A110 from a weekend weapon into a genuine daily. The 13.1kg seats of the Premiere Edition and Pure cars - also made by Sabelt - are fantastically supportive, but at the car’s launch last year we did wonder if they wouldn’t be so kind to your back after a little while. The weight penalty may well be worth the increased comfort.

Alpine has also said it’ll be adding three new hues to the A110’s colour palette, which will be revealed along with additional spec information (and hopefully pricing) at the Geneva Motor Show on 6 March.