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A Lego Enthusiast Has Built A Working 1:10 Scale Tesla Model X

It moves under its own power, has two-mode suspension and features four motorised doors – this is a seriously impressive enthusiast Lego Technic build

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We’ve seen a few awesome Lego Technic automotive builds come out of the Danish firm lately, like the life-size McLaren Senna and Bugatti Chiron, the James Bond-spec Aston Martin DB5 and the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, but this amazing Tesla Model X creation isn’t an official piece.

Built by YouTuber RoboticLife out of standard Technic parts, the Model X falls to 1:10 scale and includes nine separate motors to work various moving parts. It can drive, steer, the gullwing rear and standard fold-out front doors are powered, there’s a mock Tesla screen in the cabin, the spoiler is powered and the pneumatically controlled suspension has two ride height options. And yes, it will go off-road.

Tesla - A Lego Enthusiast Has Built A Working 1:10 Scale Tesla Model X - News

The look isn’t as close to the real thing as RoboticLife will no doubt have wanted, but without special parts the 3.7kg model may not get closer.

The canny builder is selling instructions for how to build this exact car yourself, and he’s only asking $2 via PayPal for the digital download. All you need are all the necessary parts involved. We deeply admire the amount of work and love that went into this, so who’s up for their own Tesla Model X build? Let us know if you do!