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50 ‘Vintage’ Cars Destroyed By Fire At New York TV Set

Around 50 modern classic cars have been destroyed by a rampant fire at a car dealer in New York State, which was being used as a filming location by broadcasting giant HBO

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Around 50 valuable and interesting cars have been burned to ash by a fierce fire at a car dealer that was being used as a filming location.

Fire broke out at the Ellenville 613 Automotive facility in the early hours of Friday morning, torching dozens of cars that had been brought in especially for the HBO production. Some have been described as ‘antique.’

Investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of the fire, which triggered numerous explosions as tanks of fuel erupted, but at this stage no foul play is suspected. Reports say as many as 27 of the cars were classic Chevrolets from the 1990s and earlier.

The New York State dealership was playing host to a film crew from HBO, which was filming a mini-series at the site with Mark Ruffalo, best known for playing Hulk in the Marvel cinematic universe.

C5 Corvettes may have been lost
C5 Corvettes may have been lost

Filming for the six-episode series I Know This Much Is True, about two bothers, one of whom has paranoid schizophrenia, had shut down for the day and no one from the crew was left in the building. The dealership’s own car stock had been moved off-site and the owner is said to be planning to rebuild.
HBO released a statement in the wake of the inferno. It reads:

“A fire took place last night at a location for HBO’s limited series I Know This Much Is True. Filming had concluded earlier in the evening and no one involved was injured. The fire is currently under investigation. We have temporarily suspended production and we expect to resume shortly.”