The 1877bhp Pininfarina Battista Anniversario Is Yours For €2.6 Million

Automobili Pininfarina has revealed an even more exclusive, even pricier version of its Rimac-powered hyper EV

The Rimac-Powered Pininfarina Battista Shocks Geneva With 1877bhp

If the 1877bhp Pininfarina Battista doesn’t have enough power and pace for you, you’d probably better seek some kind of psychiatric help

Pininfarina Is Planning Three SUVs Based On Rivian EV Tech

Brace yourself to hear a lot more about Rivian in the next few years: Automobili Pininfarina is using the American firm’s off-the-shelf chassis and powertrain

Pininfarina Has Secured Rimac Power For The 1900bhp PF0 Hypercar

With a former project boss from the Porsche Mission E team and official support from Rimac with bonkers powertrain technology, the PF0 hypercar is taking shape