The Morgan Super 3 Is An All-New Three-Wheeler With A Ford Triple

Morgan has brought its iconic three-wheeler model into the 21st century while still keeping one eye on the past

The Morgan Plus 8 GTR Is Angry Retro Perfection With An N62 BMW V8

Morgan's first completed Plus 8 GTR - one of only nine set to be built in Malvern - has been fully revealed

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The Morgan Plus 8 GTR Will Be A Motorsport-Inspired V8 Thug

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A Four-Pot Morgan Sports Car Is On The Way With A Supra/Z4 Engine

Morgan has teased an all-new model - most likely a Plus Four - ahead of a reveal at the Geneva Motor Show

The Morgan Aero GT Is An Aerodynamic Final Hurrah For The Aero 8

The Aero GT is not just the last of the current Aero 8 line, but it's also the last Morgan to use BMW's incredibly sweet normally-aspirated 4.8-litre V8

This Stupid Car Meet Crash Happened When A Morgan Pulled Out In Front Of Another Driver

Scary footage shows the moment a Morgan 4/4 driver pulled out in front of a Peugeot 206 while leaving a car meet, causing a hefty crash

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The Reliant Robin, with its unpredictable handling and ridiculous instability, did three-wheelers a huge disservice. Here are six examples of three-wheelers doing it right...

The Morgan EV3 Is A Bonkers Blend Of Modern Electric Power And Ancient Car Design

Other than the fact it scoots about on three wheels, the 3 Wheeler's exposed V-twin engine is what makes it so epically cool - does it still have charm in EV mode?

Here's How Morgan Hand Crafts Its Wooden-Framed Throwback Sports Cars

This brilliant video goes behind the scenes at the Morgan Motor Company's Malvern factory, where cars have been built for the last 100 years

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