Prius-Based EVs Are Incoming From Toyota, Mazda And Denso's New Company

The two major car brands have joined forces with a Japanese automotive electronics specialist, and Prius-based electric cars are on the menu

Mazda Bringing RX Vision Successor To Tokyo, Will Probably Be Rotary-Powered

Mazda has confirmed it'll bring a successor for the RX Vision concept to the Tokyo Motor Show next month

A New Mazda Rotary Engine Has Finally Been Confirmed

With rotary engines long since having died a death from which most people assumed there would be no resurrection, Mazda has finally confirmed that a new one does exist, and that it's almost ready for production

This Stop-Motion Tear-Down Of A Mazda MX-5 Engine Is Utterly Mesmerising

Want to get more intimately acquainted with the inner workings of an early Miata inline-four? You need to watch this amazing timelapse

Behold The Fury Of A Three-Rotor Mazda RX-8 Rally Car

This 20B-powered RX-8 rally car makes a superb noise that you won't forget in a hurry

We Love Mazda More Than Ever For Committing Itself To Internal Combustion

While other manufacturers are already switching the bulk of their attention towards electrified cars, Mazda is standing tall and proud with a mission to give internal combustion one last golden era - and we love it

Mazda Wants To Save The World Using Its New Spark-Less Petrol Engine

The Japanese manufacturer has revealed its 'Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030' vision, which hinges around a new petrol engine to cut its emissions, rather than electric power

Mazda Is Going To Start Its Own First-Gen MX-5 Restoration Service

Have an NA MX-5 that needs some love? Mazda is launching its own restoration service, but only in Japan

Toyota And Mazda Could Finally Make Us Want An Electric Car

With news breaking that the two Japanese brands are set to work together on future electric cars, our man thinks this could be the start of electric cars finally combining affordability and desirability

Toyota And Mazda Are Joining Forces On Electric Cars - And A New US Factory

Toyota is about to confirm a deal with Mazda to co-finance a new factory in the USA, as well as developing platform-sharing electric cars for the next decade

Rob Dahm's Mazda RX-7 Has Broken The Rotary Half-Mile Record

Dahm's 835whp RX-7 hit 177mph in just half a mile, and left a Nissan GT-R for dead

Mazda Just Recalled Over 100,000 RX-8s

A total of 104,779 RX-8s are being recalled in the USA due to fuel pump and steering issues

5 Used Mazda Rotary Classics For Every Budget

Rotary engines might not be efficient but they sound like nothing else, and why shouldn't that be the most important thing in your car-buying decision? We've put together five examples of great Mazda rotaries from the classifieds to tempt you

Here's How Much Slower A Hellcat Is On Track Than A Mazda MX-5 RF

In a Motor Trend Head 2 Head, Jonny Lieberman thought he'd use a Charger Hellcat to try and beat the lap times set by Randy Pobst in a MX-5 RF and Toyota 86. It did not go well...