It's Official: Alpina Will Soon Be Part Of BMW

BMW has expanded its portfolio by snapping up tuning company Alpina

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Alpina has applied its multi-spoke magic on the BMW M850i Gran Coupe, and the results are awfully appealing

The Alpina B8 Gran Coupe Will Be Like The M8 But Better (Probably)

A camouflaged test mule for Alpina's worked-over 8-series has been spotted undergoing testing at the Nurburgring

The New 613bhp Alpina B5 Will Do 0-62mph In 3.4 Seconds, Top Out At 205mph

Alpina has released details of its updated and astonishingly fast B5, available as a saloon or 'Touring' estate

The Alpina XB7 Is A 613bhp Autobahn Wrecking Ball

Using the BMW X7 SUV as a base, Alpina's latest product is a little less genteel than its usual offering

Buy This Alpina B9 3.5 For Less Than The Price Of A Base-Spec 3-Series

This luridly stickered Alpina - formerly owned by Jay Kay - is coming up for auction, and it's (sort of) affordable

The 350bhp, 538lb ft Alpina D3 S Is Here For Autobahn Heroism

Alpina has revealed its new BMW M340d-based D3 S, available as saloon or wagon

Stop Craving A BMW M3 Touring, Because The New Alpina B3 Is Better

The all-wheel drive, 455bhp B3 fills the M3 Touring void with subtle brilliance. We'll have ours in green, please

This £4750 E46 B3 Isn’t The Only Cheap Alpina Around Right Now

If you like your BMWs to stand out in a subtle and superbly engineered way, Alpina is right up your street – and there are bargains to be had

The Alpina XD3 Has 383bhp And Four Turbochargers

If you're after an SUV that's fast, frugal-ish and has many turbochargers, you may be interested in Alpina's new X3-based creation

The 600bhp, 590lb ft Alpina B5 Is Here And It's Everything We Want

Supercar speed? Check. Estate practicality? Check. Rare? Guaranteed. Comfortable, controlled suspension? Check. Four-wheel drive? Also check. This just may be the very best car in the world

This Alpina B7S Turbo Coupe Is A Festival Of Green, And We Love It

With green paint, Alpina stripes and a green tartan interior, this isn't an E24 that flies under the radar...

The Alpina B7 Has Arrived, And Now It Can Hit 205mph

The B7 first appeared a year ago with a predicted top speed of 193mph, but longer gears and performance upgrades have pushed the uber-saloon past the 200mph mark, making it the fastest four-door production car in the world