A Ferrari F40 On Wet, English Roads Is Pure Supercar Love

Making the most of supercar ownership is what Supercar Driver is all about, so capturing a stunning Ferrari F40 prowling the damp English countryside is the most perfect demo possible
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Supercars are far too often pictured and videoed at a standstill, outside some picturesque country house after being tip-toed out of a fully covered specialist transporter truck. We like to moan about such garage queens, but what we have right here is the direct antithesis – a Ferrari F40, in the hands of its elderly and brilliant owner, on damp British roads.

Frankly, an F40 in the wild is one of life’s most beautiful sights; a vista that speaks to heart and soul, if not wallet. To see one in sumptuous slow-mo, kicking up the earthy colours of fallen autumn leaves as it negotiates the dark grey ribbon between two sleepy rural towns, is a rare treat.

A Ferrari F40 On Wet, English Roads Is Pure Supercar Love

The video, posted on Supercar Driver’s YouTube channel, introduces an 80-year-old gentleman called John Clower, who tells us a bit about his impressive car history and how he came to own the utterly gorgeous F40 that stars in the 19-minute tribute. John likes to use the red-painted icon whenever he can, which just about gives him hero status in our book, and explains his Supercar Driver (SCD) membership.

SCD organises events all around Europe that are designed to tempt owners of everything from classic 911 Carrera RSs to Pagani Huayras into using their machines the way they were meant to be. The programme works by giving owners a reason to pull their cars out of their garages; a destination or an event that brings them together with other well-to-do owners of equally lip-smacking exotica.

John’s story makes a fascinatingly nostalgic slice of automotive content pie best enjoyed with tea and biscuits. Take some time out of your Monday and, for a little while at least, live the F40 ownership dream. In the wet.



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