Dutch Coachbuilder To Make The Two-Door Range Rover That JLR Canned

Adventum Coupe picks up where Land Rover’s cancelled Range Rover SV Coupe started off
Dutch Coachbuilder To Make The Two-Door Range Rover That JLR Canned

A two-door Range Rover might have made sense in the 70s and 80s. But now, when almost all hot hatches have five doors and such things as four-door coupes exist, the prospect of a Range Rover with more difficult to access rear seats seems utterly, absurdly pointless. Yet also, wonderfully pointless.

Two years ago, at the Geneva motor show, Land Rover showed the Range Rover SV Coupe; what was to be a limited edition £250,000 two-door Range Rover based on the latest L405 model. A year after that, it was cancelled and we thought we’d never see a huge and extravagant new Range Rover coupe swishing through Knightsbridge.

But for fans of magnificently futile cars, your prayers have been answered. Dutch coachbuilder, Niels van Roij, has started taking commissions for new two-door Range Rovers.

Dutch Coachbuilder To Make The Two-Door Range Rover That JLR Canned

Called the Adventum Coupe, the car is based on the 519bhp 5.0-litre supercharged V8 L405 Range Rover and features new bodywork all the way from the A-pillar back. Only the bonnet, front wings and boot lid are shared with the production car. Even the vertical gills at the front of the door, which mimick the tall door handles of the original two-door Range Rover, have been ditched. However, unlike Land Rover’s own SV Coupe, the Adventum Coupe still has a square, and very Range Rover, profile rather than a nipped-in tail and fall-away roofline.

Inside, the Adventum has been altered and brought even further upmarket than the regular Range Rover. There’s teak decking on the floor of the cabin and in the boot, soft Nappa leather throughout as well as lambswool and tweed finishes. There’s also a pair of umbrellas in the boot. However, as Niels van Roij will build each Adventum Coupe to the owner’s taste, every one of the new two-doors RRs will differ as the personalisation options are practically endless.

Dutch Coachbuilder To Make The Two-Door Range Rover That JLR Canned

Rather than the 999 Range Rover SV Coupes Land Rover intended to build, Niels van Roij plans to only make 100 Adventum Coupes. Each car will take at least six months to complete and the price starts from €270,000, excluding taxes. But the more complex and luxurious the bespoke specification is, the more time it will take to build and the higher the final price will be.


Kalem Austin

€270,000 for a Range Rover. Yes it is custom built with a production of 100, but those pictures shows what seems to be the mid-life facelift which has now been replaced, so have they been stockpiling for the past few years or are they buying them used, and because of that it already looks outdated. They should give it the current front end, so it looks more like the SV Coupe. The good thing about them being used is that the taxes would only be 16.67% of their profits and not 20% of the overall cost of the car, but as there’s only a production run of 100, and so it might be classed as a collectors item, so it would be 16.67% of their profits. Other countries that are not the UK will be different.

03/16/2020 - 18:43 |
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The taxes in the Netherlands are probaly the highest of Europe, so maybe this price is for the Dutch buyers and German/Belgian or British buyers will have a lower price.

03/16/2020 - 20:11 |
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Really Amazing Car!!!

03/18/2020 - 11:36 |
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