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You'll Have To Connect To The Internet To Save Your GT Sport Game

It wasn't just a feature of the demo - the full game will also need you to be online if you want to save

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You'll Have To Connect To The Internet To Save Your GT Sport Game - Gaming

During the demo of Gran Turismo Sport, some players noticed that if they wanted to save their game, they had to be connected to the internet. Even though the game has a heavy focus on online modes, the online saves requirement was probably just a quirk of the demo, right? Surely the full game would implement an offline way of storing your progress…?

Nope. The game manual was recently published online ahead of the game’s launch on 18 October and indeed confirmed that you’ll need to be connected to PlayStation Network to save the game. It reads:

Gran Turismo Sport only supports online saving. Your game progress data will be stored on the online server. Please be aware, therefore, that any progress you make while offline cannot be saved (certain contents are saved onto the PlayStation®4 console’s hard disk drive.) If you are playing offline, you will be able to use previously saved game progress data.

You'll Have To Connect To The Internet To Save Your GT Sport Game - Gaming

The reason for the online-only saving system is theoretically to prevent players from editing saves and cheating, which makes sense given how seriously the developers are with the game’s online content. GT Sport does feature a sizeable chunk of offline single-player content however, which means that if your connection drops out for a long period of time you won’t be able to save what you’ve done - online or offline.

This isn’t exactly new to games, and in 2017 having a stable internet connection shouldn’t pose a problem for most people, but how the GT Sport servers cope is another matter. The demo worryingly featured quite a few periods of downtime, and way off in the future players could find themselves unable to save at all if Polyphony Digital decided to shut the off the servers.

Source: GT Planet