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You Can Now Watch The Nio EP9's Full 6min 45sec Nurburgring Lap

Footage of the Nio EP9 electric hypercar's Huracan Performante-smashing Nurburgring lap is now available for your viewing pleasure

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In case you missed the news last week, you should know there’s a new king of the ‘Ring. We’re talking about the Nio EP9 electric hypercar, which has beaten not just the Lamborghini Huracan Performante’s 06:52 effort, but also the 06:48 set by the Radical SR8 LM a few years ago.

Like the Radical - which was an actual racing car with number plates - its status as a ‘production car’ is highly debatable. The EP9 is an expensive and extremely low volume car, with just 16 to be built by a small team in the UK and sold for £1.15 million apiece. But even so, the lap is an impressive thing to watch, with the 1341bhp output having no trouble overcoming the car’s relatively porky 1800kg mass. 648kg of that is made up of the batteries alone.

What we find particularly interesting is when we spoke to the drivers behind the Nio EP9’s last Nurburgring attempt - which yielded an 07:05 lap - we were told heat management of the batteries prevented them from being at maximum power at any point of the lap. We’re still trying to find exactly what the team did to counteract this issue, and will report back when we know more.