The Best Pro OBD2 Diagnostic Tool For Car Enthusiasts in 2019

Finding the right pro OBD2 scanner to diagnose your car can be cumbersome and tiresome. The scanners are of various types and have different functionalities.
Thus, to help you get the right professional scanner for your vehicle, here is a review of the top onboard car diagnostic tools in the market.

AutelMaxisys Elite Diagnostic Tool

Autel comes from one of the most prominent car diagnostic scanner brands. With an outer rubber-like material cover, Autel protection is a guarantee. The most exciting feature is that you get two years’ worth of free device or software updates.

The Best Pro OBD2 Diagnostic Tool For Car Enthusiasts in 2019 - Readers' Reviews

AutelMaxisys Elite is fast as it has a core quad processor with a speed of 1.8HGz. Once you run it, you only have to wait 20 seconds, and your results are in for you to peruse. The diagnostic tool connects to your tablet, phone, or another display mechanism wirelessly.

Autel automatically reads the VIN, has a single click upgrade and cloud storage technology by Autel. This means that the diagnostic is helpful to you everywhere. Besides, the diagnostic tool performs systems diagnoses of all types coupled with other, more straightforward diagnostic functions.

These functions include SAS and tire pressure resets, ECU, and even the advanced bi-directional control systems. You get to enjoy fast and efficient live data processing and convenient means of receiving and installing updates. The diagnostic device has its adapters for foreign PCM hookups, which are also essential for domestic uses.

The Best Pro OBD2 Diagnostic Tool For Car Enthusiasts in 2019 - Readers' Reviews

Pros and Cons


• Has anti-theft security measures that disable any lost car keys.
• Displays, records and has playback output for problematic car sensors.
• Comes with a charging dock station which provides security.
• Has a transparent retina equipped touch screen display.
• Has essential USB ports for connecting your mouse or keyboard.
• It is a bi-directional scan tool.


• Has no troubleshooting system, instead a forum.
• Autel is expensive in comparison to other pro OBD2 scanners.

Who should get the AutelMaxisys Elite Tool

AutelMaxisys Elite has many professional capabilities. After all, its usage is continuous, which is perfect for professional mechanics and home use. All you need is a suitable charging mechanism and reliable internet for essential updates.

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool

It is the best pocket-friendly pro OBD2 scanner as it comes at a reasonably low price compared to other second-generation scanners. BlueDriver comes with an application that helps in reading, reviewing, and assessing car diagnostics. The app is compatible with both the IOS and Android platforms.

The Best Pro OBD2 Diagnostic Tool For Car Enthusiasts in 2019 - Readers' Reviews

BlueDriver has a freeze-frame that enables the user to identify where the problem is occurring. Freeze frame coupled with the Bluetooth adapter offers clear data reads of the diagnostics on your phone. Also, it can deliver a live data stream by displaying the engine’s RPMs and other data speeds.

The diagnostic tool provides diagnostics on climate and airbag control, recalls, and other vehicle specifications. If preparing for your emission tests, the diagnostic help with smog tests, oxygen sensors, and I/M readiness.

BlueDriver has a code reader that is easy to use. The tool comes with free application updates and an interactive platform for live data graphs. Portability and data saving are also essential features that come with the use of Android and Apple device platforms.

Pros and Cons


• Can clear previous codes, read emissions and other advanced diagnostics.
• Provides live stream data with freeze-frame capabilities.
• Provides repair reports offering diagnostics explanations and possible fixes.
• Has smog test qualification for your car.
• Can be put to work for extended periods.


• The tool only supports IOD and android enabled phone platforms.

Who should get the BlueDriver Scan Tool

The tool is perfect for individuals with huge workloads at a time such as mechanics, car auctioneers, or garage owners. BlueDriver can diagnose a vast range of car makes for an extended period. Of course, it will not perform better than specialized scanners such as some BMW scan tool.

Launch CRP129 OBD2 Pro Diagnostic Scanner

The Launch CRP129 OBD2 Pro scanner has a wide range of application. Especially for 1996 cars made in the US and European based 2000 models, the tool performs excellently. With this tool, all engine transmission diagnostic codes are readily displayed.

The diagnostic tool system can provide you with the clearance of codes and reading them. Live data streaming allows you to review the car’s condition while on the road. You can view A/T transmission, ABS, and Airbag Systems, among others.

As a Launch CRP129 owner, you can reset the oil after its diagnosis, and the steering wheel angle. After rectifying the EPB, the tool indicates that all problems are good to go by changing its LED light. Besides, it comes with a whole year warranty and free updates online.

The pro OBD2 scanner comes with playback support, car diagnostic records, and supports graph presentations. It enables you to review problems diagnosis more efficiently and with high clarity. The scanner has several accessories that add to its versatility and simplicity in use.

Pros and Cons


• The scanner has features that enable DTC reading and clearing.
• It is quite easy to get the scanner updates and online upgrade.
• The scanner is bi-directional, offering chances to read and write codes.
• Comes with accessories i.e., extension cables that improve functionality.
• Performs diagnosis for ABS, SRS, Engine, and Transmission.
• Can support 43 different car Engine Transmission ABS Airbag codes.


• You need a different pin connector for Mercedes Benz diagnosis.
• Does not offer the emissions information for your car.

Who should get the Launch CRP129 Scanner

The scanner is quite versatile in its functionalities as it can diagnose a wide range of cars in a short time. Professional mechanics, huge garages, and individuals use this pro OBD2 scanner for all of their car diagnostics. The automotive OBD2 scanner is quite ideal for their uses.

Bottom Line

Making that final decision on the type of professional OBD2 scanner to purchase is tedious. The reviews above offer you more information on the best diagnostic scanners. Whether it is a do it at your home device or for professional purposes, these scanners have you covered. You can now make that decision being well informed.

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