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Why do we need a 900° steering wheel in games that can't even turn over 90°?

Greetings CTzens, This topic is about games (racing games) but I have years with the same question, specially from the console-based racers (Gran turismo and forza motorsport).

Why  do we need a 900° steering wheel in games that can't even turn over 90°? - Gaming

Since simulation/racing games are a “cheaper” option/fix when it comes to enjoy track racing/drifting / rallying, etc without needing to get out of your house, lately, thanks to the advance in hardware performance and its price reduction ( for consoles and pc) we could enjoy in our couch, games with very realistic graphics, cockpit views, changing weather conditions, ear-gasming engine sounds, etc…

But when it comes to the physics department, usually the hardcore community stays solid in the PC. I can recall iRacing, Rfactor, Assetto Corsa, Live For Speed, etc, just to name a few.

Personally, i love every single detail, in graphics and physics (tyre deformation, puncture, etc), but since console racers (GT & FM) have cockpit views, i couldnt ignore the fact that no matter what you do (using a gamepad or steering wheel, changing the game settings, etc) the steering wheels (in-game) never pass over 90 degrees of turning radius. WHY?

Why  do we need a 900° steering wheel in games that can't even turn over 90°? - Gaming

Let’s talk a little bit about this here:
The steering wheel of real cars, (production cars) can pass over 90 degrees naturally…
Racing cars; F1, V8 supercars, rally cars, drift cars, etc. could have a variable steering wheel rotation (depending of the track)

Production cars may have different steering ratios (lock to lock) if we compare for example… Ferrari 458 italia with a Toyota Prius . But console games like gran turismo and forza keep the (in-game cockpit view) steering wheel rotation at 90 degrees. Why? I can say is the same for iRacing but iracing doesnt use “stock” cars, in iRacing all the cars are modified so i cant say anything here.

If you ask me, I can say, for GT and Forza, that they have somewhat a steering assist, at least i could notice in both games, the amount of turning degrees is affected by the speed (if you go faster, the steering wheel turns less, if you compared it with a lower speed turn), In Live For Speed (LFS) you can see the in-game steering wheel turning way over 90 degrees, up to 720, (It doesnt matter how fast you are going, you can turn the steering at many degrees you want), and the game allows you to use 900 degrees steering wheels like the logitech g27 for example.

So whats the point to have a 900 degree steering wheel in games that doesnt let you turn your steering wheel over 90 degrees in-game???

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