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Why Bonnet Surfing At 70mph? Because Russia

This is what an improvising Russian hitch hiker looks like

'Can you take me home? I'm too drunk to drive' 'Can you take me home? I'm too drunk to drive'
Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present a world first for Russia. This is the first time an incident has been filmed without using a dashboard camera! Apparently, Russians have mobile phones with cameras attached too... OK, so we're exaggerating a touch, but the video content is classic 'made in Russia'. Here we have what looks like a confused hitchhiker or maybe an insurance scam gone wrong. Practicing his best Superman impression, this Russian clings on for dear life on the bonnet of this Mk1 Ford Focus.
The driver's clearly worried that the bonnet surfer will then cling onto his house for accomodation The driver's clearly worried that the bonnet surfer's next plan is to cling onto his house for accommodation
While we remain baffled about how this scene actually came about, a word of advice: stick to the passenger seat or take a bus instead. Video


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    November 30th 2013

    November 30th 2013 - News

    I remember waking up to one tragic phone call. 4 of the boys I grew up with died in a car crash as they flipped their car at the age of 17-18. To all the people out there if you wanna drive fast, go to a race track. On the roads pay attention, be careful and wear your seatbelts. God bless Luc Arsenault, Justin Brown, Justin Leger and Sebastien Leger. They will stay in my heart forever

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    The new Acura NSX looks absolutely stunning! I would personally take this over an BMW i8 or even a new R8

    The new Acura NSX looks absolutely stunning! I would personally take this over an BMW i8 or even a new R8 - News

    The "Secretary Stang", a 2009 v6 Mustang

    The "Secretary Stang", a 2009 v6 Mustang - Readers' Reviews

    Let’s start off with an introduction, I have a 2009 Mustang v6 with every option and package on it, and yes that includes the automatic transmission. What does that entail? Well it has the premium sound system, the Shaker 500, the Pony Package for increased suspension, custom floor mats and grille, the 45th anniversary model which gives custom printed seats and side emblems unique to the 2009 line. Let’s not forget the glass roof which started in 2009 and ran until 2012. This is the only year that the Gen1 S197 mustangs had them available, and only 2000 were made with them, 1000 being the v6 versions.

    The day I got my 'Stang

    What’s been done? It’s been given a Roush cold air intake and went to a full Dual exhaust with high-flow catalytic converters and muffler delete resonaters (Pype bombs, the equivalent of glasspacks), and of course the aesthetic mods which include hash stripes, tinted turning signals/side reflectors, rear decklid black out and tail light trim.

    The panoramic view from inside

    The live rear axle in every day purposes, it’s by no means the most comfortable thing to have on beaten roads, it’s pretty bad in choppy roads but on the average road it doesn’t hinder you much at all. I have a 2004 Impala LS before this with the “Sport” suspension, and switching over to a live rear axle with increased suspension, it felt far more grounded than the Impala, with the exception of terrible roads and pot holes, those will never work no matter how much you try.

    The people
    In the summer I would attend a local car meet in my city and often go to others within a 30 minute drive, and despite it being a v6 automatic, it was still embraced as a genuine mustang by many (despite internet belief) and found myself being there every friday night and looking forward to it every week. On the road you will get the occasional thumbs up and people asking about it and the like, but you also get those who want to race. It’s a trade off with you get with every 2 door coupe.
    A friend's 'Stang next to my own

    How would I describe it?
    I love my v6, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t get a GT in a heart beat, I fell in love with the car, not the engine. Make sure you get the mustang that has the “personality” you want in it. Kaice (Kai-sea) turns the heads of many, sounding like a drag-style car with the high flow exhaust system, but looking aggresive with the red and black styling all around, but maintaining the open-like view of a convertible while maintaining the body style that the S197’s are known for.

    Don't stare too long

    What’s the bad with the car?
    The shade made for the glass roof is terrible, it falls off the track every time you try to move it so it’s best to keep it back (let in the light!). There is a lot of hard plastic, the majority of the door is hard plastic (the arm rest and vinyl wrap are the only soft touch materials) and the dash has a big chunk as well, being under the windshield and the center console and it’s siding. The v6 also comes in an open-diff so while that is good in some cases such as bad weather, it gives you less power straight to the wheel and when you do a burn out, it only leaves one mark (YOLO = You Only Left One) or when you try to regain traction, it’s not as smooth when lost control, it’s not as smooth.

    What’s the reason to buy a v6 over a GT? it’s either money, features (Glass roof is a huge one, there was only one other one in my area, and it was a 2012 GT for 21k), or practicality. Should you get a v6 if you want to go fast? No, unless you’re that special crazy.

    Anyone can make a v8 fast, but it takes a special kind of crazy to make a v6 ‘stang fast.