What Happens When A Jag I-Pace Drag Races A Tesla Model X 100D And P100D?

The Jaguar I-Pace impressed at its press launch, but how does it fare against its Tesla rivals in a good old-fashioned drag race?

Remind me later

When we first drove the Jaguar I-Pace a few weeks ago, we were rather impressed. In fact, we wondered why you’d buy a Model X instead, given that the Tesla is more expensive, not as well built, arguably less attractive and not backed up by a long-established dealer network.

But what we have here is not an in-depth comparison. It’s not a look at practicalities and shut-lines. Nope, it’s a good old-fashioned drag race.

In it, the I-Pace is pitched against two versions of the Model X: the 100D, and the P100D. On paper the P100D has the Jaguar completely outgunned, so the race we’re really here to see is against 100D, which is only slightly more powerful than the British EV.

Let battle commence!