Best mods to do to a Miata

Best mods to do to a Miata - Mazda MX-5 (Mk1 / Mk2) Forum

As an owner of a nb Miata I have done a few mods that I have found to really improve the car

  1. Exhaust: putting on an exhaust system will really make the car sound and feel a lot better. There is nothing better thank hearing the Miata breath

  2. Roll bar: do not buy a style bar. Style bars provide no safety and look stupid. A roll bar will really stiffen the body and provide a lot better protection. An average roll bar cost about $500 and good brands are hard dog, boss frog, and a few other really good smaller companies

  3. Intake: although you will see almost no gains from a intake they look good and a pod filter gives a nice throaty sound at low rpms. I have a ARC super magic intake chamber and it is really nice although they run around $250-$400 dollars

4.Header: a header for any Miata will really improve performance and really free up exhaust flow. The racing beat header is probably the most popular and one of the best bang for your buck upgrades

  1. Sway bars: the stock sway bars are so soft and a good set of sway bars will really improve body roll and improve handling

Other good modifications include
Exhintake cam swap
Racing seat I have an ultrashield seat
Lsd swap If you don’t have one
Turbo lol cuz more power
Square top manifold
New wheels and tires

Please let me know if you think this list is good and what mods you have done

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