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Toyota Supra's Debut Time Revealed In "The Last Teaser"

Mark your calendars: the all-new Supra will, at last, be revealed on 14 January at 14:40 GMT

Remind me later
Toyota - Toyota Supra's Debut Time Revealed In "The Last Teaser" - News

The all-new Toyota Supra is a car we’ve been promised for years. It’s a car that has already been seen and driven in prototype form. It’s a car that’s had multiple early reveals thanks to a series of leaks. And yet, Toyota isn’t done teasing it.

This latest teaser does at least provide us with some useful information: the precise time at which it will, at last, be revealed in all its glory at the Detroit Auto Show. The sports car - which shares much in common with the jointly-developed Z4 - which say hello to the world on 14 January at 09.40 EST, which for us Brits means 14.40 GMT. Make sure you mark that one in your calendar, and it’s worth bookmarking the live stream link below.

Clearly aware of us hacks and the general car-loving population moaning about these little titbits of information we’ve been drip-fed over the last few years, Toyota felt the need to put “We promise, this is the last teaser*” at the bottom of the accompanying press release. The reason for the asterisk? It refers to a little piece of text further down, which says “subject to change”…