This Ridiculous Save Proves Isle Of Man TT Riders Are A Different Breed

During last week's Senior TT race, James Hillier pulled off an incredible save on the Snaefell Mountain's formidable Ballagarey Corner

Remind me later

The ‘Ballagarey Corner’ of the 37.7 Snaefell Mountain Course used for the Isle of Man TT is often referred to as ‘Balla-scary’. And if you want to know why, just watch this astonishing save from James Hillier during last week’s Senior TT race. If you don’t clench just a little bit, there must be something wrong with you.

Riders hit speeds in excess of 140mph on this bend, and there’s very little room for error, with the tight road flanked by dry stone walls, traffic lights and a telegraph pole. It’s really not somewhere you’re going to want to have a motorbike crash well into triple-figure speeds, and Hillier is seen going from lock-to-clock in fifth gear to avoid coming off. Amazingly, he just stays onboard, carrying on as if nothing had happened.

Hillier ended up finishing fourth in the race, which was won by Michael Dunlop ahead of Peter Hickman.