Alex Hamilton 6 years ago 2

This Custom BMW E30 Is The Most Heinous Thing You'll See Today

When BMW created the 'ultimate driving machine' this probably isn't what they had in mind...

Remind me later
bmw e30 gatsby We really can't get enough of BMW E30s here at CT. Something about their retro styling, iconic status and ease with which you can dump an enormous engine and turbo under its bonnet. Speaking of which... So when we came across this heinous E30 creation, we cried a little bit. This 3-series - which is up for sale at just $38,000 (or about £25,000) - features some interesting custom details which - says the seller - means it now 'drives as nice as it looks.' bmw e30 gatsby 2 Powered by the E30's original 181hp 325i unit, which is mated to a three-speed auto box, this 1988 car's standout features include an extended wheelbase (by around three feet), long bonnet, wheel arches that run all the way down the length of the vehicle and a unique front grille. The rear bumper looks like an afterthought, and a dangerous one at that...Still, the car's only done 27000 miles. bmw e30 gatsby 3 Other touches include gold spoke 'knock-off wheels', a fridge hidden under the boot floor and a 'nice stereo system with booster.' Worst E30 ever?