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This Beautiful Porsche 356C Has Driven One Million Elegant Miles

Guy Newmark is living the dream, daily driving a stunning Porsche 356C

1964-porsche-356-17 Every petrolhead has a dream. A dream in which their daily driver is the same classic car that adorned their bedroom wall as a child. For Guy Newmark, that dream is a reality, for he spends every day behind the wheel of his 1964 Porsche 356C. The 356 was purchased new by Guy's father, who fell in love with the reliability compared to his previous Austin Healeys and Mercedes-Benz 300SLs. His faith in Porsche's engineering was well founded, as the 356 has been in the family ever since, racking up an incredible 982,000 miles. In that time the engine has been rebuilt just 3 times, while three bearings were replaced in the transmission at 900,000 miles. 1964-porsche-356-15 The secret to the 356C's longevity is a mixture of wonderful German engineering and a caring owner. Newmark takes the car for a service every 3,000 miles so that the car always has clean oil running through it. He has had the same mechanic for 40 years, so he knows the car inside out, and is trusted to source new parts whenever the car needs them. 1964-porsche-356-08 Despite just 75 horsepower, the little Porsche is everything Newmark could ever want from a car. Even after almost half a century behind the wheel, he finds errands to run as an excuse to get out on the sun-drenched streets of California.
"I get in sometimes, I pull into the garage, I'm kind of upset I'm home already. I'd like to keep driving!"
1964-porsche-356-10 The Porsche 356C is the epitome of elegance. Its beautiful curves turn heads 50 years after its release, and we'd wager it'll only become more desirable. Guy Newmark is a lucky man, and a true petrolhead. Video
All images via Sean Lorentzen/Petrolicious

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