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The Czinger 21C Is A Hybrid Hypercar With 'Inline' Seating

A new hypercar from a Californian firm is being teased, and it has an unusual seating arrangement

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The Czinger 21C Is A Hybrid Hypercar With 'Inline' Seating - News

There’s a new entry to the hypercar battleground, and at the moment, we can’t tell you a whole lot about it. Sorry.

The Czinger (with a silent C) 21C is merely being teased for now ahead of a full reveal at the Geneva Motor Show, but the Californian firm - founded by a chap called Kevin Czinger - has revealed a few crucial details.

One of which is that the car will have an unusual inline-seating arrangement, a similar to the Yamaha OX99-11. So, it has a central driving position like a McLaren F1, except you’ll only be able to carry one passenger, who’ll be treated to a great view of the back of the driver’s head.

Important detail number 2 is the powertrain - Czinger has confirmed it’ll be a hybrid hypercar. As for what the internal combustion component of the “strong hybrid powertrain” will be, we’re thinking a heavily turbocharged inline-four, judging by what we can hear over the teaser video’s bombastic soundtrack. Kevin Czinger’s last vehicle - the prototype Divergent Blade - used a 2.4-litre unit that started life as a Mitsubishi Evo X engine, of all things.

The Czinger 21C Is A Hybrid Hypercar With 'Inline' Seating - News

As the 21C is essentially a follow-up to the Blade, it may go down a similar route. What we do know for sure, is that like the 630kg Blade, the 21C will use “additive manufacturing technologies” - otherwise known as 3D printing - for much of its construction. We’re assuming this is a large part of what Czinger is referring to when it lays out its hopes of a “paradigm shift in the way vehicles are designed, developed, engineered and manufactured.”

To find out how closely it follows its prototype predecessor, we’ll have to wait until 3 March.