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Someone Has Built A Working 1/4-Scale Transformer, And They're Going To Make A Full-Size Version

A pair of Japanese engineers have built this incredible machine, which can transform from a car into a walking robot

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If you ever had a Transformers toy when you were younger, did you ever wish it would have done the transforming itself? Well, someone’s made one that does just that. Although it’s no toy. A pair of Japanese engineers - Kenji Ishida and Wataru Yoshizaki - have come up with this, the ‘J-deite Quarter.’ It’s able to walk, transform into a car, and drive around autonomously with a top speed of 6mph.

And yes, as you might have gathered from the use of ‘Quarter’ in the name, this is only the beginning of Ishida and Yoshizaki’s plans. The duo - who work for Brave Robotics and Asratec, respectively - will eventually bring out a full-size version standing at eight-feet tall. Before that, a half-sized version will be created as an intermediate step.

The reason for all this? We’re not sure. The Quarter is just a prototype, and the video states that there is no plan for it to be released. But who knows, Christmas in a few year’s time could get very interesting indeed…