Darren Cassey 7 years ago 1

Sacrilege Sunday: Honda Owner Wants To Swap His Riced Civic With Your Skyline

The owner of this super-riced Civic believes he should be pocketing supercar money or swapping with your Skyline

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$_57 (1) Sometimes it seems like the whole world is against Civic owners, and when it comes to cars like this, it's not hard to see why they get a bad a rep. $_57 This Civic has all the classic hallmarks of a lot of car guys' hatred; there's the requisite heinous bodykit, (accentuated by a bonnet that sports mutant growths), the rear light clusters are hideous and the quadruple exit exhaust is a little excessive (as is that wing). $_57 (4) So far, so riced...It's the eBay description that makes this particular coupe stand out from the crowd, however. The owner is, if we're being polite, optimistic. First of all he'll happily swap "for Skyline or Supra or 200szx or 350z" which, we think is quite unlikely. $_57 (2) To top it all off, though, he lists a bunch of modifications along with their costs, signing off with "this car should be worth 100,000". We're assuming he means £100,000, but it would be a rip off at 100,000 pennies. $_57 (3) Let us know if you'll be bidding!